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Income Tax

Tax is not popular with most businesses, as it decreases profitability. To be successful, businesses must have an effective tax strategy that takes advantage of legal loopholes and credits presented by the tax code. A tax strategy will help your business reduce its tax liability, thereby increasing its profitability.

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Sales Tax

Sales tax can accumulate quickly leading to a significant liability. It might be best to choose a more frequent filing period if you have cash flow restrictions. Additionally, a more frequent filing period can be advantageous if you expect to have more expenses than sales, since your business will be entitled to a refund.

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Financial Statements

A business owner should regularly, and closely, evaluate financial statements to better understand the health of their business. The most important advantage of analyzing your company's financial statements is that they allow you to make strategic decisions that support growth and long-term profitability.

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It’s incredibly important for your company to operate in a responsible way. Research shows that companies taking into account social and environmental issues have a better public image, increased brand awareness, better customer engagement and higher employee retention; leading to long-term growth.

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A professional performance measurement system is an important way of keeping track on the progress of your business. It gives you vital information about what's happening now and it also provides the starting point for a new analytics system that will help you implement strategies for growth.

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Strategy is what drives business decisions. The first step in building an effective strategy is to decide where your efforts and resources are best spent by identifying your organisation's strengths and weaknesses. Strategic decisions are crucial in ensuring your business has a sustainable future.

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